Guidance School's Disciplinary Aspects

The School lays emphasis on self-discipline. Without discipline, it is not possible to achieve excellence in any field. It is our aim to imbibe in each student a sense of good manners, moral values and good behavior to foster a sense of co-operation and respect for elders.

School Uniform:

Neat and clean uniform makes the students dynamic in appearance and it improves the personality. The school uniform includes white pant, white shirt, black belt, navy blue tie, black shoe and deep grey blazer (in winter). To maintain the uniformity of texture, color & design of the uniform guardians are to purchase and prepare from the shop authorized by the school. The school authority supplies tie, belt and blazer.

Parents Hand Book:

A Parent handbook is given to every parent / guardian in the first day of the session. This Parent Hand Book contains the details of various activities for whole year like visiting days, various examination days, result publishing days, various program me days, arrival & departure dates & times in various vacations from first day to last day of the entire session. Guardians are requested to follow up this handbook all along and act upon accordingly.

Parent-Teacher Meeting:

The meetings are held on the cited dates mentioned in the school calendar to discuss the progress of the students. The parents get great opportunity to interact with the subject teachers to discuss the progress of the students. Guardians should attend this meeting compulsorily.

Guardians' Participation:

Every guardian solemnly expects the development of his/her child. Conscious and active participation of guardians in academic, co-curricular & extra-curricular activities is very much essential for overall development of a student.

So, guardians should follow up copies, question papers, answer scripts, model answers very sincerely and realize the progress of the student. But progress - we mean good marks in examinations along with good behavior, courtesy, politeness, smartness, dynamism, social consciousness, flexibility, nice presentation to others etc. - these are very important to us. Obviously, there will be various efforts in those regards throughout the year and guardians have to participate and co-operate as and when required.